Tuesday, May 03, 2016

April 16th...back from Denver!

 Unbelievable for me, I didn't take a single picture with my camera in Denver!
I got it out once, and then promptly forgot about it.
I must be getting old...
maybe I need to retire?

I was suppose to fly home on Saturday, the 16th...but instead, I flew home on the 15th.  Denver had a big winter storm coming, so Southwest was letting us rebook.  Ron was flying out on the 16th to Texas...and he was due to fly out before I flew in.  Because of the change, I got to see him for about an hour or so!  
The boys decided to climb in his truck...there were hatchet or some huge tools in the back.
It was a great spot for taking a few pictures.  William was still in his pajamas...but oh well!

 Donnie took my guy to the airport so I could get ready and head north.
Ron hugged and kissed his baby girl good-bye!

 The boys told their Papa good-bye...

 Hugs and kisses over...into the truck!

 Donnie climbed up to get some fresh, juicy oranges so Ron could take one in his backpack to eat on the way.

Apparently, William has decided he doesn't want to ride his bike.  Lindsey wanted him to ride it...asking him to show me how well he could ride.
Um?  He grabbed a chair and set it outside the gate...

 I think his mama was letting him know he needed to do what SHE said..
 and he did!
Benjamin jumped on his bike, too.
But where is William?
I thought I took some pics...guess I didn't?

Also before I left, our photographer,  Benjamin, took some pictures of Lindsey and me!
You did a GREAT job, Benjamin!

I took off to head north....to go see Emerson and Walt and head home before dark.

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