Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A little before Benjamin's party

 We picked up Emerson and brought him with us to go to Lindsey's.
This was Benjamin's birthday weekend!
 Benjamin is a lego-master!
He was putting together this crane...

 Emerson was hanging out...
inbetween playing outside and watching Benjamin construct!
 Over at Oma and Opa's, a gazebo was going up.
Opa, Donnie, Don, and Ron were all working on it.
 Emerson and William came over to check out the chickens
 William took out some of the eggs!

 Later, it was on to the trampoline!
 William the wild man!

 My two 7 year olds!
 Inside, Lindsey was working on food for the party.
 Can you guess what the theme was?

 Benjamin was in awe of his was definitely pretty amazing!
 Um?  These two guys look a bit...


 Emerson, the man of many faces...

 Guess who?
(He's 4 years old)

 My 3 oldest grandsons!
It was about time for a party..
a 7th birthday party for Benjamin!

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