Thursday, July 07, 2016

Benjamin's 7th Birthday party!

I can't remember now what time the party started...maybe 3 p.m.?
But the boys were watching the clock. 
As usual, so many start out on the trampoline!
 William had these two chairs within this framework.
He also had my phone...
He'd been taking pictures...
now he had another subject..

 Emerson spent most of his party time at the basketball net!

 I just love these of William taking pictures of this little girl!

 There were quite a few of the kids who I've watched grow up since they were tiny..
in the original play group Lindsey and Benjamin went to when he was an infant!

 This little guy wanted to play baseball!

 Lindsey and Donnie have the perfect home for parties!
For kids, there is room to play sports, plus the basketball hoop, plus a swingset with a slide and a little fort, plus the trampoline!

 Emerson got involved with a soccer game...sort of a game!

 Carla and Alan's little guy, Nicholas, is definitely into his baseball!

 Do you think baseball makes him happy?

 It was time to sing to the birthday boy!!!

 Yum!  Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting!
I think the birthday boy ate 3!

 It was fun hanging out with Don and Susan!
I think the adults have just as much fun as the kids, if not more!

 This seems like a new trend, a trend I really like.  
Gifts are opened after the party.

 Donnie and Lindsey didn't have Benjamin open all the gifts.  They were going to spread it out over a few days.  Pretty smart idea! 

It was definitely a fun day...a day to celebrate Benjamin turning 7 years old!

Happy Birthday to you, Benjamin!!!

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Love these pictures! Thanks Mom!