Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I count myself lucky...blessed...fortunate to have my group of girlfriends. We've been close friends for...geez, about 13-14 years. We can't remember exactly how we all got together, but however it was, I'm thankful it did.

We all work together as elementary school teachers. Actually one of us, Anne, is a middle school teacher. Jake and Lora teach 2nd; Sandi, Terri, and Elaine teach 3rd; Pam and I teach 4th; Lynne teaches a 4/5 combo; and Terry teaches 3, 4, & 5th (special ed).

We've been through the joys and trials of raising our kids (15 between us), some bumps in the roads of marriage, and of course the general path of life. We get together once a month, usually at someone's house, and we all bring food, wine, and dessert! In the summer, we always try to take a trip together. Our most memorable ones have been on a houseboat at Trinity Lake. Imagine, 10 women who are so dear to each other, a lot of books, great food, wine, a blender... a great speedboat and driver - Terri - .... what a ride!

We decided long ago that when we got 70's old...that when we got together, we'd allow about 10 minutes (maybe it was 15) to talk about our ailments...then that would be the end of that discussion. would I be without them?

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