Friday, May 26, 2006

Sad Sack

My mom decided a long time ago that she didn't want to be called 'grandma'...she said it sounded too old. So the search was on for what she wanted to be called when she became a grandma!

Well, it started off with my cousin, Ray. All the adults on our street would sit around outside in someone's yard in the summer and drink ice coffee. The kids played hide-and-go-seek and like that. Well, for whatever reason, someone told Ray to go over in the middle of the Ice Coffee Drinking Group and call my mom 'Sad Sack'. Again, for whatever reason, all the adults laughed and laughed and laughed. Ray probably thought he was a star since what HE had done got such a big reaction. So he called her Sad Sack again...and again...and the name stuck. I think my mom liked it because it was different.

Ray and his sister, Patti, both began to call my mom Sad Sack. Later, when my mom got herself a CB and would race around the streets and highways of Dallas, she used Sad Sack as her CB handle. "Race" is the key word in that paragraph.

Well, here comes Joshua...he's a baby...doesn't have a clue who Sad Sack is...but soon learns that Sad Sack is his grandma. We don't use the g-word...just Sad Sack. People probably thought we came from an incredibly wierd family to have someone named Sad Sack. Then here comes Gabrial...again, no g-word, only Sad Sack.

Lindsey...she didn't want any part of it. Apparently she didn't like Sad Sack, not the person, just the name. So she shortened it to Saddy/Saddie. Somehow through the years, Lindsey's brothers switched from Sad Sack to Saddy. My brother's kids call her Saddy...but Ray and Patti - they're diehards...she's still Sad Sack to them.
On the left is my niece Lissette, who is no relation to my mom, but still calls her Saddy. Then, in all her Las Vegas glory, there is Saddy/Saddie/my mom in the middle. Lindsey, the inventor of the name Saddy, is on the right.


Anonymous said...

We love our Saddy.....

Anonymous said...

judy, I love this blog too.

PJ Savell said...

Yes, Judy, Saddie DOES have a heavy foot sometime....however, she is a VERY safe driver, and I have ridden many, many miles with her to various bridge games!

Anonymous said...

Our Saddie is quite a character, God love her! Thanks for everything Saddie, we love you. Smores will never forget his visit.

Gabe, Emily and Smores.