Tuesday, February 07, 2012

BB...aka 'Before Babies'

I started thinking yesterday, what did I blog about before the boys came along?  I definitely have always blogged about family..but I caught myself thinking I didn't have anything to blog about since I'd covered all the recent times with the boys. 

But I blogged for 3 1/2 years before they were born... so I looked back at old posts... I found a precious video of my friend, Laner's, first grandson right after he was born (almost cried), I saw our house getting a little remodel, I saw the farm, going on a walk with Rema, lots of Camilla... just a variety of topics.  So, I decided to blog about the woodshed!

I'm sitting here on a Tuesday morning, 6:30 a.m., enjoying my coffee, with NO FIRE!  Rats!  I miss it when there's no fire in the wood stove.  Considering it's in the mid-50's outside...that's why there's no fire.  But I still miss it.

My guy has worked hard on stocking the woodshed this year.  You can see how much we've used this year -see there in the front?  The last picture was taken from the door of our family room... I should have photoshopped it so you could better see how the clouds were... beautiful...it was a blustery day, kind of like it is now, except right now, it's still dark...

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