Monday, February 27, 2012


Do you remember playing chase when you were little?  I know my 4th graders just love any kind of PE game that requires a form of chasing.  Emerson and Benjamin had their own game of chase last week.  It usually involved Emerson's 'binkie' (aka blanket)...and a little tug-o-war.

They played so hard for their two days together...and laughed equally as hard!  It was so much fun to just sit and listen to them...

At one point, Donnie asked, "Do you ever remember having so much fun in your entire life?"

I love these little men!


Anonymous said...

oh judy...the pic of Lindsey and then Donnie and then you holding William are just what we have been visualizing. Sooooooooooooooo good to see them in print! Cannot be happier for all of you, and that lucky "little man" William.
much love to you all :-)---Pam

Anonymous said...

Those are a couple of happy cousins!!

Anonymous said...

Josh found the Chase for me and Benjamin certainly says Emerson King plain. I love the videos.I have a long way to go before finishing looking at the blogs. Love you, Mom