Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19 - My baby girl turns 31

My baby girl, Lindsey Nicole, is turning 31 years old!  I think she realizes, now that she has Benjamin and is ready to have another baby, how fast time passes.  Your kids seem to grow up so quickly.  As I was looking through old photos for this blog, I had to smile when I saw this picture of Lindsey and the 'Stang'.   Her brothers kidded her about it... but it was her first car!  That's Mizuzu getting in.  Mizuzu was our foreign exchange student from Japan.
Lindsey has always been athletic...loving sports, at least loving playing sports!  She played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball in school...and soccer in college.  Kickboxing was not one of her sports, but Karate was!
This was mom's mom, Lindsey's great grandmother.  I loved her so incredibly much, that I knew when I had grandchildren, I wanted to be 'Mimi' to them.
Lindsey and Mimi
Lindsey and her cousin, Lissette.  Lissette is a year older than Lindsey, turning 32 on Valentine's Day.  Lissette and Lindsey were always vying for Grandpa's lap. 
Loving sports and is Lindsey with Sami at a Texas Ranger's baseball game in Arlington, TX.
Lindsey was an excellent skier.  One trip to the mountain, she decided to try snowboarding because her friend, Amy, nope, that friend was Manka, (aka Lindsey) was going with us.  Amy Manka snowboarded and convinced Lindsey to try.  At the end of the day, Lindsey told me she had wasted a skiing day.  The next day, the snowboard was replaced with skiis!
This is not the order of their birth!  Lindsey, Joshua, and Gabe.
I'm not sure what's going on in this picture, but Lindsey certainly doesn't look thrilled.
Ahhhh, now this looks happier!
Lindsey and Amy were unseparable friends from first grade through fifth or sixth grade.  They were always together. (I'm not sure whose foot that is sticking up!)
Lindsey and Heather
Colleen and Lindsey
I think this was one of Lindsey's birthdays.  On the top is Tammy, then Lindsey, Colleen, and Heather.  On the bottom is Katie, Lindsey, Amy, and Caitlin.
We had a boat for a few years.  Lindsey was a skier and a boogie-boarder!
Lindsey has always loved animals.  When we got Eskie, she would bathe him in the sink.  It was a struggle, but she persevered.  Now Fluffy gets the same treatment.
My brother, "Uncle John", came to San Francisco...can't remember the occasion, but Lindsey and I met him there.  We went to Sausalito where this was taken.
Lindsey and Uncle John on a boat to Alcatraz.
Lindsey and the Kato's...and Mizuzu.  The Kato's are friends of Lindsey's who live in Japan.  Lindsey stayed in their home and became friends when she did a summer exchange program.  They still keep in touch.

The Kato's with Lindsey and Mizuzu
On the cable cars in San Francisco
Lindsey has always loved history and traveling.  We made numerous drives from Texas to California, taking different routes to see different sites.  Here we are at the Royal Gorge.
 When Lindsey was a student at Cuesta or Cal Poly, Joshua and I met there to see her. of my favorite pictures of Gabe and Lindsey
Animals...her love extended also to horses.

This was New Year's Eve...I think it was 1995.  Lindsey and Tammy

In the summer of 2000, Lindsey went to Belgium to be an au pair...a nanny.  That's a story in itself, but later in the summer, I flew over and met her.  We journeyed around Belgium, the Netherlands, England, and France.  It was my first time in Europe.  I loved being with Lindsey and seeing all the sites!
Fast forward to 2012.  Lindsey is now pregnant with her second child.  We were blessed with Benjamin in 2009. 
Lindsey and Benjamin
One of my many favorite pictures!  Right now they are 3, but soon they will be 4!

Happy 31st birthday, Lindsey!  

I love you so incredibly much!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!! Time sure does fly, it was fun growing up with such a great little sister..

I love you,


Judy said...

Thanks Mom for the great blog! It's so nice to see all those pictures. I am so blessed with wonderful family and friends. And, I'm very thankful that my parents are here to celebrate with me!

jujabbo said...

The last comment was actually from me, the birthday girl!

Sean and Lindsey Thomas said...

Super fun pictures! but are you sure that was Amy she was snowboarding with...:)

Judy said...

Hey're 100% correct...that's NOT Amy, but you. Lindsey was looking at this and she said "Mom, are you sure that's Amy?" and then she told me it was you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Linz. We love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I remember meeting you and your mom in
San Francsco. That was fun. "Happy Birthday"