Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to my very favorite sister-in-law!

 This is my very favorite sister-in-law, Becky.  You can see what it did to her,  marrying into this family. 
For those who may not know, this is (going clockwise from the upper left) my brother, Becky, Gabrial, and Joshua.
 I made Becky a book for Christmas, and this picture is on the cover.  I've always loved it.
They used to dance a lot...not sure if they still do.  

 Dancing in a California kitchen!
This is us!
No telling what was going on here!
Becky, Gabrial, John David
 Ummm?  Maybe I was protecting my sister-in-law?
 Here they (Becky, John David, and Sami)  are at Red Rock in Colorado. 
 You have to have known Becky to know why this was...a surprising picture in 2011.  Well, fast forward to 2012 and it was a normal picture! 
Here's to 53 years young, Becky!

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Beck. We love you!!!

Josh, Erica, Thalia & Blu

Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday. Becky amd many more. I love you, Bon

Anonymous said...

Thank you my Judy. I love you. Becky Lee

Anonymous said...

Judy, thanks for doing the blog! Fun pictures.

Love ya,