Monday, February 04, 2013

300 pieces

Emerson loves puzzles...and he's incredibly good at putting them together!  He was Woody the last two Halloweens, so when I saw this one, I figured he'd like it.  You may notice it's a 300 piece puzzle, for ages 6+.  Emerson is 3 1/2.
Not a problem!

(Sorry to those of you I said it was a 600 piece puzzle...not sure why I was thinking that!  I even titled the name of this post '600 pieces' before I realized it was only 300!)
 He did all this on his own...
 It was amazing to watch.  He would pick up a piece...hover it over other pieces to see if the color was just right...then start rotating the piece to see if it would fit! 
 He also has a phenomenal memory for the pieces.  He would be working on a section...and then start looking for a piece he had seen before that he thought would work. 
 The frame was done... 'TOY STORY' was was 'WOODY'... I did a few pieces, but seriously, not many at all!  The ones I did do...I was told, "Good job, Mimi!"

He's so encouraging!
At one point, he had picked up a piece he had been looking for.
"Mimi, look.  It's a double male!"
 "It's a what?" I asked.
"A double male."
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"Look, it's got these two parts on the sides," was his answer...

Do you know what a double male is?
He would lean over the table...lean over the puzzle....lean on the puzzle...
 and he actually got up and sat on the table!  I told him he had to get down.  He countered with the fact that he couldn't reach the pieces.  

I still made him get down...
 He did...
 We couldn't find the very last piece...and when we found it, Emerson said, 'That's it, Mimi.  It's all done!"
I'm still in shock with how he worked the puzzle! 

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Anonymous said...

Good job Emerson King. I have two smart 3 year old greatgrandsons.