Saturday, February 09, 2013

"I'm drawing my mom, then I'm gonna draw my dad."

Emerson wanted to draw.  He had his markers and he asked for some, he wanted to draw in the room where I paint.  He put on his headlamp...a Christmas gift from Uncle Joshua, Aunt Erica, and cousin, Thalia!
 This is his drawing of yellow!
After his drawing of me, he told me he was going to draw his mama!
After drawing his mama, he said he was going to draw his dad!
It was fun to watch him.  He definitely has his style...

He's been able to write his name for a long time...but at times, like you see here, he'll write it completely backwards!  At other times, he'll write it the correct way.  Either way, I'm impressed with how well he does it!  

He was so cute with the headlamp.  I wish I knew what he was thinking...because the room light was on...and he turned on my painting light that's on the table...but he also 'needed' the headlamp!  You're a cutie, Emerson King!


Anonymous said...

As your Mimi says, you are a cutie Emerson King. I love you, Saddie

Anonymous said...

If you draw your Uncle Josh, you won't have to worry about adding hair.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emerson, where did you get those cool pajamas?

Love ya,