Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Jean Marie and Betty's tree made a beautiful backdrop!

 Jean Marie is an incredible neighbor of Lindsey and Donnie.  Benjamin calls him 'Opa' which means grandfather in German (I think).
 Susan, Donnie's mom, wanted to take a picture in front of this bouganvilla's just stunning... and the light was hitting it, making it shine!
 Well, trying to get that many people together was a bit...well, not too speedy.
 The light was fading...not everyone was my guy and I tried out the positioning of the tripod.  This is May 26th..which was also our 36th wedding anniversary!
 Ahhh...the gang is all here...but the light wasn't shining on the tree anymore...oh well...
 After the group, I decided to just do Lindsey, Donnie, and the boys.  Benjamin was ready to play!

This is Betty... the other half of the wonderful neighbors.
 She, like Jean Marie, loves Benjamin and William...
and vice versa!

 Betty is also known as "Oma"... German for grandmother!
 Oma and Opa have this pooch, that William seems to adore!

 There was a visitor...
 Up and down the steps went William...again, and again and again...

 Another visitor?  Is it...Wilson? (from Tool Time?)
 William didn't care about the visitors.  He had his car to push around.

May 26, was a fun day!

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