Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 15th with Emerson

 Saturday, Gabe and Emerson came up to visit.  It was a perfect weekend.... It was my first day out of school...there was a festival Gabe wanted to go to...the weather was decent...and Sunday, of course, was Father's Day.

As we usually do, Emerson was ready to go to the park. 

It got a little cool when the fog rolled in...so he told me he was ready to go.

Once home, he wanted to work his puzzle.  He hadn't worked this one yet, and it is 3D!
As I've said before here on the Johnston Chronicles, Emerson is an amazing puzzle guy!  I told him I wish I had timed him working this...maybe 30-45 minutes?
 After it was complete, he was ready to try the 3D glasses...
 "Wow, Mimi...it looks different!!!!" he exclaimed.

I tried them on, and it really made it look 3D...pretty cool!

I did point out to him that this puzzle was for kids 6 years old and over.

"I can do it," he said... and he did!

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