Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I always remember on October 16

 Today is October 16th...

This is the anniversary of my parent's marriage... it's not really celebrated since we lost my dad in 1980, but I still remember.  All these photos on this blog were taken in the late 1970's!

These first six pictures were taken on my birthday...must have been my 25th...and we were in Temple, Mimi's.
 You may notice the cigarette in Mom's hand...and Joshua isn't looking real agreeable!  Gabrial must have been taking a nap.
 Ahh, there's Gabrial!  His Granddad got him...
 Joshua was being a ham with his Saddie...
 Me and my Dad!
 This is something we did all the time in the summer....sitting out in the backyard.  Most likely there was some ice-coffee being consumed...and my dad would have been puffing on his pipe!  He's getting ready to pitch a ball...most likely to Joshua and his UJ (Uncle John).  Mom was probably fighting off chiggers or mosquitos.

In this picture from left to right:  Mom, Mimi, Aunt Terry, Gabrial, Aunt Jane, Daddy
 Going back in time to 1977...

 I don't remember what year this was...but my dad thought Aunt Terry had big feet...
 Typical....stuffing his pipe!
 This was taken in Oregon...when I was pregnant with Gabrial.  Notice the stylish slacks my mom is wearing!
 This was that same time in the Medford Airport.  Mom was either coming or going. 
 John David (aka UJ) came with our dad to visit.  We obviously took them up highway 62 in Oregon to look at the big trees!
 Daddy and dad always called him "Big Josh"
 UJ, Joshua, and Daddy at Crater Lake, Oregon in 1978
This was outside our home in Oregon...
400 Red Blanket Road
the place that doesn't even exist anymore!
This photo is the only one not taken in the 1970' was in June, 1980.  We had lost my dad...Mom had come back to stay for awhile...and we took the boys to the river to play.

I'm so glad I have photographs...lots of photographs...of earlier times in our lives.  As I looked back through them, I realized I don't have many pictures at all of my parents together.  I think about Ron and I...and how we don't have hardly any of us together either.  I think I need to change that!

These were all special times...all times with family are!  That's one way my mom, my dad, John David and I are all alike!

Happy Anniversary, Mom!  I love you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie. Brings tears and happiness too. Some of the pictures I don't remember. I've thought about you dad so much today. Thanks again for the blog. It's what I needed. I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Judy, these are great pictures. I enjoyed your Blog!

Love ya,

Your favorite Brother