Monday, October 21, 2013

My guy turns 60!

 October 20, my guy turned 60 years old!  Oh my!    Gabrial suggested a few times that I should do something special for this birthday... 

Saturday, he and Emerson came up...under the premise of going hunting and spending #60 with his Pop...all true...

About 4 p.m., Lindsey called from I went out and told him they were on their way up...that apparently Lindsey and Gabe had been talking and decided to both come up to spend the day with him.  I told him Susan, Donnie's mom, was with them, and that was another reason they were they could show her the redwoods. 

He was VERY surprised...and VERY excited!
 Susan has some games the boys love on her iPad... a race car game...
 My stairs were a fun place to watch toys tumble...
Yesterday, the birthday... I told him in the morning while they were hunting, that I had talked to Pam (who just returned from an amazing 5 week journey to Europe!), and she and Peter wanted to come by and say Happy I had invited them over to eat, too.!
 About 3:45, Pam and Peter...and Lynne and Bruce came over.  He was expecting that...and we were having a really nice time eating some dips, drinking a glass of vino, and just visiting...when the doorbell rang.

Brian and Andrea were there...wishing him a happy birthday.  Um??? He told me later, that he began to wonder...

The doorbell was Jake...wishing him a happy birthday...

and the doorbell kept ringing, and friends kept coming.
 Bruce and Peter
 Heath, Donnie, Ron
 Brandi, Lindsey
 Brian and Gabe
 Andrea, Hailey, Brandi, Lindsey
 Peter, Ron, Jake
 Bruce, Lynne, Susan
 Pam, Brian
 Andrea, Cheryl, Hailey, Heath, Brandi
 Lindsey, Andrea
Bruce, Lynne, Susan
 Ron and I

 Jake picking out tomatoes for Emerson
 William, Donnie

 It was such a fun night...celebrating a milestone!  After everyone left, the boys wanted to play a bit more on the iPad...

 The guys retired to watch a little football...

 William continued to eat..
 Emerson started sporting a 'shiner'.... an injury received when he and Benjamin were running around and crashed into each other...OUCH!

I was trying to get a picture of William...and he is a HAM!  He was definitely playing hard-to-get!

 Papa was illustrating what animal loves carrots..
 We spent the rest of the night just enjoying hanging out.
 This morning, Lindsey and family took off about 11 or so... Gabe and I sat around drinking some coffee and talking...Emerson was playing on my iPad...

Until Brandon and James came over about 1:30.  These guys are their dads are buddies.  They played monster trucks...and monster trucks...and monster trucks

 until Gabe insisted they HAD to get on the road!
 I wanted one more picture of Gabe and Emerson...

 Boy, I'm glad I took them...I love, love these pictures!
Up on Saturday evening and back on Monday morning/early afternoon...a quick trip, but one that sure meant a lot to their dad turning 60!

Happy Birthday, dear!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pop, it was great to celebrate this stop on the road with you!

Emerson & Gabe

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun for everyone. Happy Birthday Ron. Bonnie

jujabbo said...

Happy Birthday dad! It was fun to celebrate with you and everyone! Great pictures to remember a fun day!
Lindsey and the guys

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dad and I love the shirt!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ron. love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ron!

Love ya,

UJ and Aunt Becky