Thursday, October 10, 2013

Technology and some of my guys

Now, looking at this picture, who would you assume is the least technology minded? 
William?  - no
Benjamin? - no
Emerson? - no
Well, that only leaves their Papa...
William decided to instruct his Papa in all things computer. 
 "Oh my gosh, Papa!  I can't believe you didn't know that!" Emerson stated with a bit of...unbelief.
 William was trying his best to explain. 
 Emerson added in his two bits while Benjamin was busy eating his ... probably oatmeal.

 William has got it all figured out!

 "See, Papa?" William asked.
Papa was trying his best!


Anonymous said...

Haha great blog! It won't be long before those little men are more tech savvy than all of us put together!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Gabe and they are so adorable.