Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

My baby is 33 years old today!

I'm sitting here in Texas and thought I didn't have access to my photos...
I keep forgetting about this iPhone and photos I have here... I love to write blogs for my kids' birthdays, so was happy to have some pics with me! a hat, with her family... That's my girl! 

33 years ago... 

We were living in Weaverville...I had no idea 'Lindsey was Lindsey'... I wanted a daughter so bad...but I wouldn't let myself hope for a girl... I definitely would have been thrilled to have 3 sons... And I definitely didn't want to feel any sort of disappointment when my baby was born.  Inside, I really thought I was having a girl, but wondered if it was just wishful thinking since we had Joshua and Gabrial.  

I remember the moment that my midwife, Candy, said, "You have a daughter!"

I cried...I held her, Ron rubbing her cheek...with tears in his eyes.

The nurses took her for some reason (don't remember why) and Ron collapsed in exhaustion and I took off walking through the hospital to find a phone to call my mom...

And here she is, 33 years later, with 2 wonderful sons of her own...a beautiful family.

I love you, Lindsey Nicole!
Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey. This is one of your favorite
Uncles. Guess who?


jujabbo said...

Thanks for the birthday blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little sister, I'm glad you are a girl too.

Love UG

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Linz. Love you.