Monday, February 24, 2014

III Forks

 What a great week in Texas! 
 My brother came in from Colorado and for a few days, it was just the three of us:  mom, John David and I.  Before my brother even had his plane ticket, he told me that he wanted to go to III Forks for dinner.  He said it was his very favorite restaurant.

I'm not a steak eater...not at all.  Last time I ate one, Ron and I were in Oregon at a very nice steak house.  I sent the steak back twice and the third time, I said forget it.  I was not planning on getting a steak at III Forks because of this.

My sister-in-law is also not a big steak eater, but John David told me she loved this New York Strip steak with a peppercorn sauce/gravy over it.  Well, I thought, if Becky likes it, I will too.

I didn't like it...I absolutely loved it.  There was nothing there that wasn't incredibly delicious.
 Mom's birthday (87th) isn't until April, but my brother told them we were celebrating it that night.  So you can see this delicious chocolate cake they brought ... with a candle.  We shared it...

Yep, III Forks was an incredible place to have dinner, but it was even better being there with my mom and my brother!

III Forks


Anonymous said...

What memories were made with my two wonderful kids. You two are the best. Mom

Anonymous said...

The company was great and so was the food. I'm ready to go back! Anyone want to go?