Monday, October 06, 2014


 Mom, Mammaw, Aunt Ollie

I  loved this was the home of my Aunt Ollie!

Aunt Ollie was my Mammaw's sister...I think her only sister, her only sibling.  This house was on Wheeler, 3301 Wheeler, in Austin, Texas!  I have no idea how I remember that address, but I do.  I wonder if it's still standing?  Mammaw was my Dad's mother..and her name was Len.  That's where I got my middle name.  Mammaw didn't have a middle name, just Len. 

I have no idea how her age compared to Mimi's, but she always seemed a lot older to me.  Whenever the TV would make the announcement that 'this is a test of the American broadcasting station.  Please stand by,"  Mammaw would always chuckle and get up and stand next to the TV.

Funny what you remember!

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Anonymous said...

I do not know what the age difference was but I believe Mimi was younger. Mammaw had one sister and one brother. I always enjoyed Aunt Ollie's home.