Wednesday, October 08, 2014

My boys at the park

What a fun weekend!

I headed south Friday afternoon, going to dinner to celebrate Gabe's birthday!  From there, Emerson got in the car with his Mimi and we headed on down to visit Lindsey, Donnie, Benjamin, and William.   Benjamin and William were asleep when we got there, but the fun with all 3 boys started Saturday morning.

Emerson got out of bed before me...and he and Benjamin were in the family room talking....until I heard William get up.  William kept saying, 'Good morning, I'm William!'  Cute!

Lindsey made pumpkin waffles, oatmeal with fresh peaches, and was a smorgasbord for whatever was wanted for breakfast!  The boys each ate something different!

The boys and I were on the trampoline by about 8:30 or 9 a.m.  We jumped...and jumped...and jumped... then we were off to the park!  Just me and the boys!

 It was hot...and this little man couldn't keep his shoes on.  He loves to go barefoot, but the shoes I had grabbed, sandals, just didn't stay on his foot.  He actually told me at one point that he wanted his shoes because the ground was SO I carried him at times.

 William loved walking across this 'bridge'...and his older brother and cousin encouraged him, although encouragement wasn't was sweet to hear, though!
 I was thinking we were going to have to go home and get sunscreen, hats, and water...
 but then they ventured over to this other area where just about everything was covered and shaded.  It was still hot...but at least the sun wasn't beating down on us!

 You can sort of tell from this pic of Benjamin how hot and sweaty they were.  They wanted to keep playing...even though it was so hot!

 Shoes, no shoes, shoes!  How in the world William walks across rocks and other rough ground without shoes, I'll never know.  It doesn't phase him at all!

One of the boys would take off for another area to play, and the rest would follow... They had so much fun...and I had so much fun!

 Emerson and Benjamin definitely had fun together, but the littlest man felt he was just as much a part of the group as either of them...and he is!  He can definitely keep up with them now.

 It was definitely a fun afternoon at the park...with my 3 little men!


Anonymous said...

What fun. They are growing so fast.

jujabbo said...

Cute boys!