Thursday, October 02, 2014

My Baby Boy is 36 years old!

October 2, 1978 was the day my baby boy was born.  He was a bruiser...9 lbs, 9 oz, and over 23" long.

Gabrial and Tex

He became Joshua's baby brother.  Poor ole Joshua!  He had to give up naps before he was ready because his baby brother wasn't much of a napper...and made too much noise for Joshua to sleep!
Gabrial loved to be outside...a lot of that was because his big brother was always outside and he wanted to do everything Joshua was doing.  Even with 2 years, 4 months between them, Gabrial felt Joshua's friends were his friends too. 
This was taken in Texas, in August, 1979.  Gabrial was 10 months old.  My dad definitely loved hs grandsons!
This was my birthday, my 25th Mimi's house.
Joshua was trying to help him walk.  I don't think Joshua knew what would be unleashed once his baby brother was more mobile.  
We used to go camping a lot...and Gabrial loved it.  We'd usually go to Trinity Lake.  I don't know if anyone could get quite as dirty as Gabrial could. 
In April, 1983, Saddie came to visit.  Here is my Red Baron with his bicycle...complete with his goggles!  
That red bike was a bit small, so in April, Gabrial got an early 5th birthday present...this new bike.  He rode his bicycle ALL the time...he and Joshua and the other kids around the neighborhood.
Times have may notice Saddie's cigarette...
The boys both loved the word 'awesome'...and had the shirts to prove it.  
This, is Gabrial's first day of kindergarten!  He was so looking forward to riding the school bus!
What memories!
This was the corner right by our house.  The Thompson girls (Sheree and Kim are in this picture...wonder where Elizabeth is?) would come over every morning and catch the bus with Joshua and Gabrial.  
This is also April, 1983, and we were giving Saddie an "ET Party" for her birthday on April 12th.

This has always been one of my favorite pictures of the boys.  Dirty faces, long hair, and outside.  That was my boys!
We took the family to Disneyland for Joshua's birthday.  I think he was Gabe would have been 6 years old. 
Typical!  Gabrial climbed to the top of the 'jail'!
Another all time favorite photo of Gabe...with Addison. 
A little older here...we were visiting Lola, Grammy's mom.  Gabrial was hamming it up!

We had a boat for years...
Hamming it up once again...Gabrial with his buddy, Bear, and Joshua.
We were visiting the coast...or we might have just moved here....can't remember the date of this. 
The Ratliff's were friends of ours, and Jared was friends with the boys.  Jared's sister, Hillary, was Lindsey's friend...that worked out well!

Gabrial started playing Pop Warner football the summer before he was in 4th grade.  He continued with football until his second year of high school.  At that time, he decided he loved baseball so much more that it wasn't worth the risk to get hurt in football.  That was the end of that career!
Growing up...out in the boat...
and his first truck.  That was an 'awesome' looks blue, but it was actually green... wasn't it, Gabe?

More time goes by...and Gabe showed his strength!
and like a little chip-off-the-old-block,
Emerson showed his, too!
36 years old...It just doesn't seem possible.  I love you, Gabe, so much...

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Gabe. I love you so much. Saddie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday blog and happy birthday wishes! Those are some great old pics, some I think Emerson and I favor each other and some not as much.. it's hard to believe 36!


jujabbo said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! Great pictures.