Monday, December 29, 2014

Benjamin building Lego #60052's Engine

Benjamin loves Legos!  He's always loved Lego trains are a definite love of his.

Back in November, he told me he wanted "60052"...he even wrote it down for me on a piece of paper. "Benjamin 60052".  A couple of different times on the phone, he would ask me if I still had that piece of paper 'with 60052 on it.' He didn't ask if I would buy him the set, he just asked if I still had the paper. I's still on my refrigerator.

 When he arrived on December 21, he was looking at the presents under the tree. He saw a big box...and it had his name on it. He told me it was about the size of 60052.   Later, he took it out from under the tree, shook it, and then had me take a picture of him with the wrapped box.  Christmas morning, indeed it was 60052, and he was thrilled!  I think he must have told me 10 times throughout his time here after Christmas, "Mimi, thank you for 60052!"

Since Thanksgiving, he would watch videos on YouTube of 60052...of how to build it, of what all was included. The day before he left to go on, December 26, he asked me to video him building the engine of 60052. That's what this blog is!

I cannot get rid of these 2 boxes underneath.  I've tried please just excuse them!

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