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The Pressleys

The Pressley Family 

Back Row:  Levi, Henry, Villa, Wallace, Monta, Jewel (my Mimi), Bea
Front Row:  Pa. Wilson, Meemaw, Bonnie Christine

Talking with my Mom, she thinks this photo was taken about 1919.  Mimi would be about 16 years old then.  She was born November 13, 1903.  Mom said this was taken after the war, because Levi and Bea had come home from the war.  Levi was a sailor and Bea was in the army.

Levi was the first son.  Pa wanted to name him after his brothers so he named him Levi McGrew Algernon Prescott (and there were 2 other names??).  When Levi had a son, he made him a Jr. and everyone called him LP, Jr.  When Villa was born, Pa gave her the middle name of Thomas, because that was his only brother who hadn't been included in Levi's name.  So Villa was Villa Thomas Pressley.  Pa always called her Thomas!  

Villa and Monta (Aunt Monk) each had 4 boys.  Mimi had 2 girls, my mom and Aunt Jane.  Bonnie Christine died in childbirth.

Levi married Willa Mae.
Wallace married Olla Mae.

Henry was married several times, but his first wife was Ruth.  They had Henry Jr., who my mom is still in contact with.  
Wilson was married to Lorna.  She lived with my mom and grandparents during part of the war (WWII) while Wilson was gone. He had been back from the war for 6 weeks and they were in a car driving to see Meemaw.  Lorna always kept her hand on the door handle.  Wilson ran off the road slightly, and when he tried to correct, the car flipped and flipped.  The door came open and she was cut in half and beheaded from the flipping car.  

Wilson was always called "Shorty."  I asked Mom if he was short, and she said, "Well, he wasn't tall."

This was all Mimi's family.

My grandfather's brother, Butler, married Iva Mae.

Mae must have been a popular name at the turn of the century.

All these stories came out tonight as I was talking to my mom....all because I wanted to get it straight who all these people were in the photo. 

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