Wednesday, December 31, 2014

November 9-11, 2014

November 11th was Veteran's Day...and it was on a Tuesday.  Our schools are always off on that day, and this year, we had off Monday, November 10th, too.  We decided to go down and see the kids, but couldn't leave until Saturday evening because of a People to People meeting.  We went straight to Lindsey's.

November 9th and 10th, we just hung around the house and played...legos...legos...and legos.  We also jumped on the trampoline and read a 3-D book! 

On November 10, we went to a gymnastics center where one of the playgroups Lindsey is involved with could go and play on the equipment for free.  The pit of foam pieces...jumping into the pieces of foam...was a hit with both Benjamin and William...and most of the other kids there!

After gymnastics on Monday, we took off to go see Emerson.  We picked him up and immediately went to Sports Authority to look for a puzzle he had seen there with his mom...not sure how long before.  Well, it wasn't there.  I suggested we go next door to Target to look.

"No, Mimi.  They don't have it."
"Well, let's just go look."
"Mimi, I promise, they don't have it."

I suggested he go sit in the car with his Papa while I go look...just to make sure.  He did, and he was sport puzzle at Target.

We started in the direction of the hotel, and then I talked about other places we could go to look for the puzzle.

"Mimi, I just want to go to the hotel and relax!"


I about came unglued laughing.

We went to the hotel so he could relax...and I went to Trader Joe's and to look for the puzzle. 
I didn't find the we just hung out until his mom and dad got there...then we went out to eat at Johnny Garlics...before settling in for the night.
He played a few games on my iPad...and then it was time to really relax...and go to sleep! 

What fun to spend the weekend with my little men!

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