Sunday, March 22, 2015

My baby girl was 34 on February 19

I was in Denver over President's Week...which included February baby girl's birthday.  I didn't even realize for awhile that I hadn't done a birthday blog on my baby.. 

34 years ago?  It doesn't seem possible...and I definitely remember it as if it was yesterday!
I was having contractions that morning...but they weren't real regular so I thought, "they don't count."
They continued.
I called my midwife on her lunch break.
She told me to come in when they got regular.  It was close to 4:30 or so when I went in.  I can't remember how I got there because Ron was out in the woods.  People were trying to get ahold of him...
He arrived at the hospital not too long before Lindsey made her appearance.

We had no idea Lindsey was Lindsey...we didn't have was all a surprise. 
When Candy, my midwife, said we had a little girl..
She was loved and cherished from the beginning.  Her brothers were protective, and loved her so much.  They always wanted to hold her...
and throw tonka trucks in her bassinet...
Maybe that's why she ended up so tough?
I loved to put her in dresses...
she told me when she was in around 2nd grade that she hated dresses.
She was a tom-boy
but still loved her dolls, too.
Strawberry Shortcake, American Girl...was it Kristen?....and others.

We had a boat for awhile...she tried her hand at knee boarding, skiing...she was always athletic.
This was in Sausalito...
In high school, Lindsey and her friend, Katie, somehow got connected with a lady who was planning an exchange with students in Japan.  Lindsey told me she was going to Japan.  I remember telling her, 'absolutely not.'  She went to Japan...which put the travel bug in her.
Soccer was a huge part of her life both in high school and in college...
During her days of college, she met Donnie....they were great friends until they decided maybe they should be more than that.  Their wedding was so special...and now they are a family of 4.  Benjamin and William have joined them.  What special little men they are! 

 She definitely loves her family...all her men!
I love you, Lindsey Nicole! 
I pray your 34th year is a blessed one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom! Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Penzrod!

Love your Big Brother!