Saturday, September 12, 2015

At the pool on August 22nd

 August 22, 2015, Ron and I headed down to see Gabe, Emily, and Emerson....and the yet-to-be-named-little man!  The next day, the 23rd, was a shower for Emily.
It was warm, so we decided to head to the pool.
 Emerson's dad and Papa were relaxing...
 Emerson was having fun....and kept telling his dad to come on in.
 Emerson's sweet mama...very pregnant with the yet-to-be-named-little-man was cooling off in the water.

 Emerson was practicing his entrances to the water!

 After awhile, Emerson had been convincing his dad to come on in.  Finally, he did!
 Side-by-side cannon balls were the activity of choice!

Some sweet little girl who lives in that area was there...and she was quick to start talking to Emerson.

She joined in the fun...

it was definitely a fun afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Great action shots!