Monday, September 14, 2015

Baby Shower for our new little man!

 Sunday afternoon, August 23rd, our newest little man and his mama were honored at a baby shower.
 Emily was many friends came to celebrate this coming event!
 Emily, along with the rest of us, were enjoying the delicious food! (and punch!!)
 Jen put the shower her home.
I was so appreciative of her doing this for Emily and ____, but also 
because she changed the date of the shower so I could come!  Originally it was scheduled for August 15,
but I was still going to be in Colorado.
I was could I miss this?
Jen, thank you again, changed it to the 23rd.  I actually talked to several
people at the shower who were also able to come since it was changed.
Thank you again, Jen!
 From the beginning, Jen said it was going to not be a shower of games,
just eating, drinking, and visiting!

 This chart was up for people to vote on their favorite name.
Walt, Cruz, Adam, Lucas, Angus, Vance, and Garrett
were the choices.  
You could also do a write-in name if you didn't like one of the ones on the chart.

 It was time to open gifts...

 Oh my gosh...these were adorable!  They are cubes with the months...some have numbers for the dates and/or grade....and one had grade.  They were for putting in photographs.  
One of Emily's friends made them!

 There was also an advice book going around.  You could write a piece of advice for Emily and for Gabe.  You could also predict the birth date and weight.
I predicted October 2nd...and a 9 lb baby!
I hope Emily still loves me!

 Looking at all these precious little clothes...
it's hard to imagine another little man in our family...
but we're all so extremely excited!

So many generous many friends wanting to share in this special time... I've said it already, but I'll say it again, Thank you, Jen!


Unknown said...

Thank you Judy for coming and posting this blog! Good times...much love! Xoxo

Unknown said...

Thank you Judy for coming and posting this blog! Good times...much love! Xoxo