Tuesday, September 08, 2015

August 16, 2015...my last day in Colorado.

 Some little man wasn't too happy...
 He had been a bit rough with his older but smaller cousin.
 All was well when Nanny came out with bubbles!
 Nanny played ball with her little guys...
 They were both happy...and went off exploring the backyard on their own.
 Isn't this sweet?
You have to understand that Brody (in the gray shirt) is more than a month older than Remy (in the yellow shirt)!

                                    Brody decided the grass needed mowing...so he got right on it!
 Well, never mind.  The grass can wait!
He noticed that Nanny was holding his cousin, so it was time to go see them.
It was a fun day playing with the little guys!

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Anonymous said...

Those babies are getting big! It looks like they are full of energy!