Tuesday, December 01, 2015

My Baby Brother is a year older!

 My baby brother, he's the biggest kid in this picture, is 56 years old today...I think that's the right age!  I know he's getting closer to the big 6-0!
I know these first two pictures have been on this blog before, but I just love them both so wanted to post them again!

In this first picture, my baby brother was making his mark on my two boys, Joshua and Gabrial.  He was quickly becoming the infamous UJ with his sweet sidekick, Becky!
In this one, they had just gotten back from their honeymoon...
ahh, so sweet and young!
I don't remember when this picture was made...but it's at Mimi's house in Temple.
Addison was the first to join the family!  Here, he was 2 years old.  You can see my baby brother was trying to instill a love of golf to his baby boy!
 Fast forward to December, 1998.  We were all at Mom's for Christmas.  Let's see, 1998, that would make my baby brother 39 years old?  Whoa, that's young!  Look at that dark hair he has!
 My baby brother loves good food...
and he and Becky were going to Ole Warsaw for dinner.
 Here's my baby boy with my baby brother.  Both of these are now "UJ"s... Uncle John and Uncle Josh.
Both are seriously loved! 
 Christmas, 1998
You can see Uncle Charlie, my baby brother with his favorite sister sitting on his lap, 
Patti (aka, fav cuz), and Becky!
 By this time, there were 2 little ones in the family, 3 if you count Jabbo the dog.
Again, the two UJ's are together.
 My baby brother, the man of many faces!
 He's always been the best UJ my kids could possibly imagine.
Here he is with Lindsey...
Now he lives in Colorado...
and makes sure we enjoy ourselves whenever we visit.

I hope he's enjoying this 56th birthday!
I love you, brother dear...and

Happy Birthday!
from your favorite sister


Anonymous said...

Still looking good UJ. Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday UJ! YOU ARE THE MAN!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Judy. I agree. I think I'm still looking pretty good.
Love always,