Saturday, December 05, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day, 2015, was a gorgeous day.  It was a bit cool, but still beautiful!  Lindsey, Donnie, Addison, Soo, and their 3 boys all headed north.  The Pacific was as gorgeous as ever!

I stayed home getting some food ready for Thanksgiving dinner.
It looks like a bit of hiking was in order!

Wedding Rock is always a favorite destination.
It's an area where weddings actually do take place and it''s high above the Pacific with spectacular views.

Climbing the rocks ...
they're high...
If I'm there, I get a little nervous...
but the Stewarts are climbers...

Remy wants to be a climber, too!

as does Papa!
The 3 Stewart guys made it to the top...and then Papa joined the group!

This is another section of Wedding Rock...

Thank you!  to the person who grabbed the camera to take some pictures of Linz!

Water puddles...
enticing to 3 1/2 and 20 month old boys!

Love this jumping picture of William!

 There's an area of the park with a Yurok village,
a recreated Yurok village.
Their houses had circular doors to keep out animals...
animals like bears!
They all have this 'pit' area.  This is where the families lived.  You can see this upper area, which goes all the way around the pit.  This is the area where they would store their belongings.
Men and boys, past the age of about 10, slept outside...women, girls and young children slept inside.
 The roofs of their houses, as you can see, are in sections.  That top section often came off in the summer.  The roof is actually open under that top piece so smoke can come out.

 Traditionally, men entered the homes head first and women entered feet first.

 Benjamin?  Did you take this picture?  I know Addison, Soo, and Remy had already come home!
 Interesting photo!

 This has got to be BJS, IV photography!

 Once the Stewarts and Barkers were all home,
it was time to form the hot rolls.
I had a helper!

 The turkey was taking longer than I expected, so some games were going on in the backyard.
 A football was lost over one of the fences...
 Remy was trying to tackle his UJ...
My kids' UJ is Remy's Papa.

 Oh Walt!  We haven't seen you in pictures today!
Your Mimi was cooking so the camera wasn't out.

 I love Thanksgiving...
I love having family around me...
what a special gift to have Joshua surprise us!
We loved having Addison, Soo, and Remy here...

Joshua, Gabrial, Emily, Emerson, Walt, Lindsey, Donnie, Benjamin, William, Addison, Soo, Remy, and Ron and I... 
It was just about perfect...

and we have so much to be thankful for!

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