Thursday, December 10, 2015

Loving our family at Thanksgiving!

My 3 kids!
I had all 3 of them here...this Mama was happy!
We took a group photo before anyone left...
Addison, Soo, and Remy were going to be taking off the next morning...
which means, this was Thanksgiving night!
This post is just a random selection of photos I took while everyone was here.  They're actually not in the correct order, but I decided that was OK! 
Benjamin and his 'shooters'
Emerson with his football
Addison and his little man, Remy

Playing in the living room
Hanging out in the kitchen

Remy and his dad
Walt and Benjamin
Benjamin just adores his new little cousin!
Papa, Walt, Benjamin

UJ and Walt

William and Remy

Remy and William
Papa and Remy

Ron and Linz
A sleeping Mimi and Walt
Benjamin and Papa
Gabe washing his car
Absorbed in watching "Hook"
Walt and his mama
Joshua, Donnie, Gabe, and Ron
Ron and Donnie
The 3 big boys playing on the iPad
Gabe, Ron, Donnie
A install a new faucet was going on.
Donnie was the mastermind.
UJ and Walt
Walt and Sarah

 On Saturday after Thanksgiving, we made homemade pizza!
The boys each got to make their own.
 These pictures are in reverse order...
oh well...

 William is the comedian!

 Some of the ingredients...

 See, here we are making it...
and above, they were eating it!

 Gabe and Emily dressing? their little man!

UJ as he is called by his nephews...
Joshua as he's called by me! 
 My boys!!!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture and the one below.  I'm not sure what it is about them, but they're two of my favorites!

I just loved having everyone here...
seeing the boys' playing together,
having all 3 of my kids here.

We weren't all here, and those we missed!

it's my favorite holiday!

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