Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday to William! ( a bit late!)

Last February, William turned 3 years old...What a year this has been.  This little guy has made us laugh...he's grown up to be a lego guy and a "pedal-bike" rider.  
 I didn't see William in March, but in April, we were together!
 William was starting to check out the Lego catalogs...
with a little direction from his brother!

 He was also a master on the balance bike!
Going on bike rides, Benjamin rode his bike, and William kept up (almost) on his balance bike.
 In May, you started mowing the lawn...with a little help from your dad!
 We gathered to celebrate Benjamin's 6th birthday!
The trampoline is still one of your favorite things to play on!
You decided you wanted a baseball mitt...
so guess what we bought you?
This was one of your family pictures taken in May...
at  your Benjamin's birthday party.
 In June, you came to visit!  Your mom and dad brought your and Benjamin's bicycles, so we went riding on the Hammond trail.
You and Benjamin were checking out the map to see where we were.
  We stopped at a park to play...and you and Benjamin weren't seeing eye-to-eye the entire time!
 Back at home, we played outside...
and you helped wash the cars!
 You came back to visit in July!  This sure makes your Mimi and Papa happy!  Smoothies was the name of the game!
This is your arrangement!  You love playing with cars...and you set them up on the stairs.  Unfortunately, some older boys would sometimes mess them up.  You weren't a happy camper when that happened!
 We hiked up to Strawberry Rock.  You hiked a long way...but then had a little help for a little bit.
 The last little bit is STEEP...but up you went.  Both going up and coming down, your daddy and Papa were on either side of you, just in case you needed help. 
This was at the very top!
 Back at our house, you were hamming it up!

You're an absolute cutie, William!
 In August, we met in Santa Rosa.  Your Aunt Emily was having a baby shower for your soon-to-be-born cousin, Walt.  We had fun hanging out for the day!

Your cousin, Walt, was born on September 25th.
In October, you came to Santa Rosa to meet him for the first time!

 I didn't see you on Halloween, but your Mom took some pictures and sent them to me.  You were dressed as 'Paw Patrol'...and were really proud of your tail!

 In November, you came up for Thanksgiving Week!  Uncle Joshua surprised us all by coming from London!  Addison, Soo, and Remy were also here from Colorado.  We had a full, fun house.
We went to Lady Bird Johnson Grove one day...it was cold, but beautiful!

 We took a group picture, of course!

 My four grandsons!

 Papa and I saw you in December, but just for a few minutes before we went to Europe to see Uncle Joshua.  In January, we came down to visit. 

 On the trampoline, you do amazing flips...in the air!
You'll ask me, "Mimi, do you want me to do something amazing?"
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of you!

You play so hard...look at those red cheeks!
 February is your birthday month!  February 13th, we went to a birthday party for one of your friends. This chair was for the birthday boy....but since he didn't want to sit in it, you and your friend took it over!
 You love to draw and color.
 Also on February 13th, your dad decided to teach you how to ride a bike.  He wanted to trade in your balance bike.
I think it took less than 5 minutes for you to take off and ride!
William...you are AMAZING!!!

 You found this little lego figure of a girl.  Well, you kept her with you, putting her in your pocket.
 And of course...all of your faces make us laugh!

 On Valentine's Day, I was flying to Colorado.  We decided to take some family pictures first.
 You came out with me to check the light...
 William, you are hilarious with a capital H!
Look at all the faces!
Every time you hear the camera click, you make another face.

 Your Papa and I came back down the last weekend...for your 4th birthday!!

 The theme for your birthday was Paw Patrol.
You celebrated your birthday ALL DAY LONG!
You woke me up showing me your new Paw Patrol T-shirt..

 Before long, you remembered your Paw Patrol Halloween costume.  You put it on then, and kept it on the entire day!

 Outside, we had put a "Dog House" sign on this little house.
You put a chair inside...and then when the camera came out, 
your many hilarious faces started!

 The trampoline was, as usual, a huge hit at the party.

 On Sunday, February 28th, we sang Happy Birthday to you once again.  You kept telling us you weren't 4 YET...your mom and dad had told you you wouldn't be 4 until after 8 p.m.
 We went out to the little road behind your house so you could show Papa how you could ride your "pedal bike"....
You often want someone to hold on to the seat while you start...
but you can also do it by yourself.
 This rocking chair was specially made for your mama when she was little.  
We pulled it out and you wanted to sit in it...and...
 being a ham at the same time!

4 Years Old!
You are one special little man, William.

Happy Happy  birthday!
Your Mimi loves you SO MUCH!


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Thanks Mom, I love the blog! So many great pictures! Many I hadn't seen yet.
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Gabe, Emily, Emerson & Walt