Sunday, October 30, 2016

William at gymnastics on October 13th

 William has been in gymnastics for quite awhile.  He is really a strong little guy!
He's the only one in his class...Lindsey didn't sign him up for private lessons, but he was just the only one signed up for that time...and they honored it!

 He's got a great coach!

 See those spiders on the balance beam?
Most of the equipment had Halloween stuff...just to make it more fun!
 Like I said, William is so strong!
He went from this to a forward flip off this bar.
 Here, he was trying to get William to move his hands as he was swinging.  
He held on to him and really swung him high.  William started moving his hands correctly.

After his hour lesson, he was listening to his coach.
He got stamps on his feet and 2 coloring pages..

I'm sure the trampoline they have at their house has definitely encouraged William with his ability.
I loved watching him!

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Anonymous said...

William will love to see these! Thanks mom.