Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Celebrating Gabe and Emily's birthdays with my little guys!

Gabe and Emily have birthdays 3 days apart...the 2nd and the 5th.  I went down Monday and Tuesday to keep the little guys so they could go out and celebrate their birthdays.  Yeehaw!  I was happy for their birthdays, but even more so to keep the little guys!

Emerson was in school, so Walt and I played...and we played...and he walked...and we tossed balls back and forth...and we went to Costco. 
On Monday afternoon, I kind of forgot to feed Walt his lunch until I couldn't figure out why he was a bit fussy.
Well, no 'Mimi of the Year' here!
But it finally dawned on me and the poor little guy INHALED  some applesauce and another mixed vegetables.
So sorry, Walt!

 On Tuesday, after we picked up Emerson, we went to In n Out burger...and Walt ate an ENTIRE hamburger, except for 1 bite, and as usual, Emerson ate 2!

While Emerson was at school, Walt and I made a white cake with chocolate frosting for his mama.  Her birthday is actually today (October 5) but we were going to celebrate before I left.  We couldn't find a candle, not having bought any because we just knew there were some at home - we were wrong!  I found Walt's first birthday candle...which we used since Emily is #1 Mom to her boys!

 When Emily and Gabe got home, we sang, had a few presents, and took some pictures, of course!

What a fun 2 days...I know Emily and Gabe enjoyed celebrating their birthdays together, but my boys and I had a blast, too!

Happy Birthday Gabe and Emily!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! Love you guys.