Sunday, October 02, 2016 1979

Happy Birthday, Gabe!  
My baby boy is 38 years old today!
 This was Christmas Day, 1979
Gabrial was 1 year, 2 months, 23 days old
 His dad had built this slide for him...and for Joshua...
Um?  Gabe doesn't look too happy?
 We were living in Seiad Valley...
loved the house,
hated the town.
 Joshua and Gabrial,
they were definitely buddies!
This was our home...
Gabe was born in Oregon, but we had moved here in April of that year.
 This was typical..especially the picture below!

 I can't remember why, but we had Christmas at our home in California, then we took off for Texas.
Carseats?  I don't even think they existed.
 There's no seatbelts on these boys either!
 Mimi and Gabe!
This is my Mimi...I loved her so much that I wanted my grandkids to call me Mimi...and they do!
 Grandpa and Gabe
Sid, aka Grandpa, had nicknames for the boys...Jethro and Pedro!
 Saddie, Gabe, and Joshua
Ahhh, rocking the little guy!
 Gabe and Uncle Charlie
It looks like he's asleep!
We were celebrating Christmas on December 30th.
This is Granddad, (aka Curly), Joshua and me, Mimi and Gabe
My little guy with one of his new toys!
This was a bit later, in October of 1980 on Gabe's 2nd birthday.
Fast forward to February of 1981, and Gabe became a big brother when Lindsey was born!
Now Gabe has 2 boys of his own...
I so often look at Emerson and Walt, thinking how much they look like their dad.
This picture of Gabe is about when he was one year old.
But there's 5 days difference between Emerson and Walt in these pictures!

It was fun looking back at pictures of Gabe when he was a little over a year old.
He's still precious to me...and still my little boy!
I love you, Gabe

Happy 38th Birthday!


jujabbo said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!!
Love, your sister

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Grute! It's crazy to think I've been whooping on you since we were that little. :)

Your big brother.