Sunday, October 15, 2006

Camilla's School at St. Jude

I realized last week that I haven't written an update on Camilla in awhile. November 1st is a big's the day she gets to come home. She's been in Tennessee recovering from her last bone marrow transplant, and now the required 100 days will be up. (Actually, Dr. Horowitz is allowing her to come home on day 99) In case you're wondering why she gets to come home on Day's so she doesn't miss the season premier of 'The OC'. Yep, you read that one correct. Dr. Horowitz relented to an 11 year olds desire for a TV program.

By the way...I can refer to Camilla today as being an 11 year old...but on October 26th...she turns the BIG 1 - 2...yep, that's 12 years old she will be! Uh oh...isn't that what is called 'pre-teen'? I wish she was going to be home for her big day, but since she can't, her Aunt Nada is going to go visit!

Tonight I was talking to Rema and she told me about this documentary that had been on about the teachers at St. Jude. Camilla is doing her school work from here at their school. Erin Brick is her teacher and Camilla just loves her. Working in the St. Jude school has been an area Camilla has resisted until this year. Once she accepted that this was the best, she found she really enjoys the school, and Erin in particular. THANK YOU, ERIN!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Camilla--and such a positive one at that! PTL! She is just 7 months older than my granddaughter--one more reason that she is so dear to my heart. HSB

Judy said...

She is SO excited about coming home! I really want you and Bob to meet her...she's amazing!