Monday, May 21, 2007

After 39 years....

Some people have phenomenal memories...I do not happen to be one of those people but Philip IS!

About 39 years ago...THIRTY NINE YEARS ago...I lived with my grandparents for a year to help them because of their health. It was my first year of high school and during that time I met and dated Philip. After Mimi got better (she had the shingles) I went back home and Philip and I stayed friends...and I met Ron.

As the years went by, Philip and I stayed in contact...not real regular, but occasionally. He remembers everything TO THIS DAY. I had told Ron about Philip's memory, but I don't know if he believed me...but I think I can honestly say, as my mom would say, "I MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF HIM." Yep, Ron was AMAZED at Philip's recollection of times/places/dates.

Philip and his wife, Carol, are on a tour of National Parks...and knew they were going to be in our area. Philip invited us to join them for dinner...and that was tonight. After 4 hours, Ron was shooing me out the door... but not until we got a picture.

We had such a nice time catching up on each other's lives. Plus, I had never met Carol and Ron had never met Philip...and neither one of us had met Kent, their guide. We had a wonderful time!

How special it is to hang on to people who were a part of your life so long ago. Even if my memory is not as vivid, it is wonderful to be in the company of someone who remembered it so well and wanted to share with me...with us.

Kent, their guide; Ron, me, Carol, and Philip

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Anonymous said...

I had forgotten the date you were to meet Philip and his wife. I'm so glad you had a good time. I'm anxious to hear all about it. Has Philip change much in looks, size? I'll have to give you a call and let you tell me. Love, Mom