Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Great White

Ron has always named his cars/trucks. There was Brownie (the old brown truck he and Larry had in high school). Then there was the Old Blue Bitch (oops, sorry, but that was her name) who was an old, faded powder blue Fairlane. Now the Old BB had a little dog in the back window whose head bobbed while you drove. It was what you might - or might NOT - call a CLASSIC! When Ron and I got married, he had Opie. Opie was a little Opal Cadet. Now I had a little red Pinto at the same time. Ron HATED my pinto, always made fun of my pinto - until it became his pinto through marriage. Then he pampered her and called her THE PINTO BEAN! (We filled up the tank for $2.50!) Then there was Nellie. Nellie was a buick with NLE in the license plate. Joshua had the privilege of driving Nellie when he got his license. Little Blue was the Ford Ranger. "Little" because it was not a full size truck, and "Blue" because it was blue. ORIGINALITY is the name of the game here. You might recall that ORIGINALITY runs in Ron's family. It's his mom who names her cats by their color: Black kitty, brown kitty, orange kitty, etc. Oh yeah, Cocoa is her brown dog.

Now The Great White is Ron's truck...a 1993 Ford F-250. I DO NOT LIKE The Great White because it isn't coffee spills when I try to drink it. So, I NEVER drive it. Well, our dear boys have encouraged Ron to make the truck look better. So he had it painted last April - an improvement - and then Josh found THE DEAL. The deal was some WHEELS...yep, we got them in NOVEMBER. Now, not to rush things, TODAY - ONLY 5 1/2 months later, Ron had them put on. He was so excited. He wanted me to make a VIDEO of him driving the truck...he thought the boys would be EXCITED. Um? How do I make a along beside the truck? NO! Ron thought we could make a video of him driving in slow fast motion ("super speed") and then another in 'real time.' I told Ron I'd just take a PICTURE of the truck. Well, he decided he at least needed to be SITTING in the drivers seat!

Back in 1993 when THE GREAT WHITE was purchased, Ron's plan was to keep it until the kids graduated from high school. Well, they graduated, and Ron's plans changed and he decided to keep it until they graduated from college. Well, they graduated from college. Now his plans are to keep it until he retires. Um?
Well, his new plans also include new shocks (I'm sure the coffee-drinking will get no better) and a new seat cover.

Ron's thinking...but he says he hasn't decided....if the Great White's new name should be THE SUPER GREAT WHITE.


Anonymous said...

Looking good pops. You should take that bad boy cruising more often. Who ever picked out those wheels must have some good taste.
Josh (The son that used to have wheels like that until someone else wanted them more)

gabe said...

Very cool pop! What a great surprise. There was no rush on those wheels for sure but they are worth the wait. They look great! Snoop will be driving them with pride. The Super Great White looks like it needs to get some exercise in those new shoes and I know a certain someone who needs to make a few dump runs!