Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Listening to Ron yell on July 4th

This is why Ron is yelling.

He's just yelling things like "OW", and "RATS", well, 'RATS' may not be exactly what he said, but I have heard several 'OWS'... I just opened the window on the inside and asked him what he was yelling about. He hit his thumb.

We're getting ready to remodel the house. Several things are going to happen - regarding remodeling, not necessarily regarding thumbs and such as that. First, Pete, our neighbor, is going to replace all our windows. As soon as we get our permits, (we've already got the final plans), we're going to add on to our living room. I'm excited for lots of reasons, but I'm really looking forward to having a wood stove again. We had a wood stove in every house we've lived in until this one. They're just so cozy to sit next to on cold winter days...or rainy winter days.

Ron's doing some of the preliminary work of getting the old windows ready to come out. Unfortunately, inside, some of the wallpaper in the downstairs bath will now have to be replaced...Ron kind of...butchered is probably a good term...the paper. It's OK....I was tired of that anyway. But I've asked him to PLEASE be more careful in the boys' room....I love the wallpaper in there and it's still in perfect shape.

The inside of the downstairs bathroom, minus the molding.The "butcher job" on the bathroom wallpaper.The outside of the bathroom and laundry room windows - minus their 28 nails each.The outside of one of the garage windows...again, minus the 28 nails that hold the molding on.

However, today is July 4th...we're flying our flag...and Ron's yelling . Happy 4th of July!

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The Boy said...

Lookin' good up there pop! Doesn't look like much fun to me. 28 nails each!!!