Monday, July 02, 2007

I do believe that Congratulations are in order....

Heartfelt Congratulations are here for Kasi and Addison who became engaged on Saturday. This photo was taken at by the Pacific 2005.

This was taken at the bottom of Lombard Street in San 2005.
I think they've dated about 3 years...and we all love Miss Kasi. Shoot, if she can put up with my brother, she's got to be good! Here they are on a tour of some Northern California timberlands. Here they are at a San Francisco Giants baseball game. This was taken on Pier 39 in San Francisco with Alcatraz in the background.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Kasi and Addison. Addison's proposal was so romantic and her ring is so pretty. I enjoyed her birthday party and hearing about the proposal. Yes, Kasi is a doll and we do love her. Tour blog is so sweet. I love you, Mom

Gabe said...

Here here!!

Congratulations to the happy couple. Nice job Addison!! Its been a long time in the making... we can't wait for the wedding!

Love you guys,

Gabe & Emily

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Addison and Kasi. We are very excited for both of you! Kasi, Addison is very fortunate to have you as his wife!

John and Becky