Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An update on the AWFUL AIRLINE situation

Well, Dave the phone guy, finally got ahold of some guy in communications at Southwest airlines. THAT GUY told Dave he'd 'get on it' and get back to him. Let's see, I think that was Wednesday or Thursday of last is Wednesday of this Not much has changed...we're still getting calls.... interesting thing happened Monday. The phone rings...this lady wants to check on the status of her flight to LA...I go through the routine, telling her I'm sorry, but this is NOT Southwest - and briefly let her know what's been going on. WELL, this lady is VERY interested...asks me more questions. She tells me SHE is going to call Southwest's corporate office and voice a complaint. ALSO, she's taking it further. Her husband just happens to work for American Airways - something like that - and knows some of the vp's in Southwest. She said she's going to get him involved. PLUS, she works for Kim Komando (notice the Operation Komando in my side bar). Well, Kim Komando is a radio show that has 10 MILLION listeners! She is going to talk to Kim about talking about it on the air....

I was happy after that call...maybe, just maybe, something will happen???

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