Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can Summer REALLY be over....?

Tell me it's a dream...and that summer is NOT almost over. I just pinched myself and heard a voice that sounded JUST LIKE ME say OUCH. So, I guess I'm not dreaming...

Funny, knowing it's coming to an end, I've gotten a bit more energy to get some things done. So many things I put off during the school year - "I'll do that this summer..." "I'll do that after school's out..." Then school is out and I'm tired and want to relax a bit...and then get busy and before I know it, I'm saying "Can summer really be over?" I've always heard that life goes by faster the older you get...I can vouch for that!

I'm trying to focus on what there is to look forward help me get a bit more excited (I truthfully should take out the word "more" and then this sentence would be more honest).
I'm going to the dentist in an hour...that DOES NOT excite me.

I won't be able to stroll into the gym to work out at 10 a.m. and listen to SECRET LIFE OF BEES on my iPod as I work out in a fairly empty gym ... that DOES NOT excite me.

I'm healthy and CAN work out anytime ... that DOES excite me.

I have GREAT... WONDERFUL.... FUN... SUPPORTIVE...LOYAL girlfriends that I work with...that DEFINITELY excites me.
My nephew is getting married in November AND we're all going to spend the week in Texas to help celebrate...that DEFINITELY excites me!

P2P has asked me to lead a group to England, Ireland, and Wales this next summer...that excites me.

I'll get to know a new group of 4th graders...I'm sure that will excite me.

And then there's the joys of life I try to NEVER take for granted - my family...

So maybe I should reprogram my thoughts to consider how great it's been to have this summer...I think that's what I'll do - after I get back from the dentist!


Kasi said...

We are so excited y'all are coming too!! It'll be a busy week, but it will definitely be all the more special with everyone there.


Judy said...

We love you, Kasi!