Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Feeling a little left out...

Poor Biscuit...she felt a bit left out this past weekend during the fence building FUN! She resorted to laying in the shade of the car...then coming inside...then wanting to go back out where the action was...then back inside...typical youngster. Gabe and Emily have a leash they tie to the tree and it will extend a long way...but not long enough for Biscuit to be of any great fence-building help.

Here, Biscuit is letting it be known that she means business! Watch out when that little butt is sticking up in the air!Well, she didn't get her way. I'm not sure if she's pouting or just trying to shake off the feelings of rejection.
In the afternoon, either Biscuit was drinking a lot of water as she imagined herself being tired from all the fence-building, or from actually being HOT. I think she had had her feelings hurt when she overheard me saying that IF we get a dog, I wanted one with a longer she decided to model her snout for me. You know how some MEN make their skin look all slick with either sweat or oil when they work out? Well, Biscuit just used water to emphasize her snout.
Here she got a bit closer to the camera so I could be sure and see HER PERFECTLY FINE SNOUT...thankyouverymuch!
OK, FINE! Biscuit knew Emily would give her all the attention she wanted. She let me know how I made her feel ... notice the tongue? I don't think it was any accident.

What a cutie Biscuit is...and her personality is just as cute!

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