Wednesday, August 08, 2007

One of the things I look forward to in the summer...

There are lots of wonderful things about summer...and one that I always look forward to is the trip my girlfriends and I take. We always go somewhere and we always enjoy it.
A little blurry, but I'll change it when I get another copy!

This year we went to Anne's place up in the foothills of the Sierra's. It was beautiful...both the area and the 'cabin.'

We're a real exciting's a breakdown of an average day. First one up makes coffee - if Anne makes it, well, someone else may quickly make another pot so we don't all die of cardiac arrest after the first sip of STRAIGHT CAFFEINE! We sit around and visit...and drink coffee...and visit...and drink a little more coffee. Finally someone will decide it's time for breakfast. Maybe we'll each make our own or someone will be inspired to make a great pot of oatmeal. This year, no one was inspired.

Once the sun hits the deck, it's time to move outside. We might visit a little, but soon it's reading time. That lasts until someone decides they're about ready for a little bite of lunch. It's time for inspiration...usually someone (usually Sandi) is inspired and gets some of us in gear to put together a tasty lunch.This year, after lunch, we ventured off to explore. A friend of Anne's - has a sister that just recently moved to the guess where Anne and her 7 buddies were invited? To swim in an absolutely gorgeous pool. I can't describe it...I wish I could remember how Lora described it. She compared it to someplace in Disneyland...only when Lora said it, we all laughed. Lora...she's hilarious!

See that white circle? That's where you can put an you can sit in the shallow part of the pool and be in the shade! This pool was amazing...

The second day after lunch was SHOPPING day. Oh and it was fun! We went to Nevada City. What a great place...we shopped, ate ice cream, shopped, sat outside with a glass of wine, shopped, and then we shopped a little more before heading home.

Evenings are relaxing...Pam won the prize for bringing ALL the ingredients for MARGARITAS. It was a tough job - gathering all the ingredients, but she did a swell job.

There was one - no two - dampers on the trip. We were only 8/10ths there. Yep, we were without Laner and Terry with a Y (as opposed to Terri with an i). We missed them.

Terri, Pam and I also went to the Sundial Bridge. I had never seen it. Wow, was it impressive! It IS a sundial...but it only tells the time from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m.

Pam and I always have to have a 'summer photo' taken...this year, one of them was on the Sundial Bridge!

Another great summer trip with my girlfriends!

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Anonymous said...

How fun. I think it is so cool that you are all such good friends. It is funny for me too because I know all of them from my school days!