Monday, January 02, 2012

Black and White

I love black and white pictures... they make me a bit nostalgic.  Instead of getting ready for a week of work, I've been sitting here playing with Photoshop...I watched a video on a different way to convert to black and white...and I love the results!   Emerson was giving his Daddy tons of kisses...and both of them were having lots of fun with it.  I love Emerson's little piece of his hair sticking up!
At Joshua, Erica, & Thalia's, we I decided we needed to take a group shot...this was after a few gifts being opened!  Look at Thalia!  Can you even believe she just turned 12?   I so wish we lived closer!!!
Benjamin and his backpack!  I haven't asked Lindsey if he's still wearing it all the time... he sure is cute with it on!  (Well, he's cute with it off, too!)

I'm really loving this black and white conversion!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jutes! The D90 and Photoshop are a great combination!!