Saturday, January 07, 2012

His hair!

Emerson King... I've always loved taking pictures of him from the back...showing his massive head of hair.  A couple of weeks ago, here he was, watching Thomas the Train...and his hair!  I grabbed my camera.
He saw me... "No, Mimi!" he said.
His daddy reassured him that taking the picture of his wild hair was a good thing... that his Mimi loves his hair.

 He was OK with back to Thomas the Train he went...
and all was well! 

Emerson's middle name is 'King'... and he's definitely a 'King' with his hair!  Thick, thick hair is a King trademark!


Anonymous said...

Haha cute pictures! He hates having it washed, combed or messed with.. He prefers it wild!


Anonymous said...

Judy, great pictures of Emerson! He hair looks like Addison's.