Monday, January 16, 2012

Quite the helper!

Emerson is quite the helper!  At first, he was unsure about the wood stove.  "Will it come out?" he asked about the fire.  After I reassured him the fire would stay in the stove, he was ready to help his Papa bring in firewood. 
Actually, every few minutes, Emerson would decide it was time to get a new log.  We had to explain that we needed to wait just a little while for the first log to burn.
He liked to help...

 That was hard work! 
Time to get on the slippers and relax a while!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Emerson! He is getting big!


Anonymous said...

Pop, I noticed Eme's slippers are a little big. Not to mention any names, but I don't think he needs a different pair of shoes for every event in life like someone else I know.