Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Benjamin's first day of 4th grade

Benjamin had his first day of 4th grade today!  Of course, he wore his backpack...and he had his water bottle in the backpack....

When he first arrived, he was walking down the hall telling me, "I'm at Mimi's school!"  and he told me he had his backpack...and that he had his water bottle... he was excited!

He walked in the door of my classroom, and instantly became shy.  There were 23 4th graders who had all eyes on him. They had been watching the clock, excited for Benjamin to come.
When it was time to wash hands for lunch, Benjamin, of course, had to wash his hands too.
He decided he wanted to eat lunch in the lunchroom with the big kids!  Every single 'big kid' wanted to sit next to Benjamin.  They were all scooting around, "Benjamin, sit by me!" they were all saying.
Papa had made a lunch for him (and for Papa, too).

 Some students wouldn't go outside...they didn't want to leave Benjamin.  They were all trying to convince him to come out to recess and play basketball...or four square.  I kept reminding them that he was only 2 1/2 years old.  They told me they were going to let him win!
 Josslynn was in love... she never left his side.  Right here, in this picture, she was asking him if he wanted to be friends. 

He said no.

Josslynn wasn't upset...she told  me he was cuter than her little brother!
 Benjamin and Papa's lunch...
 Josslynn got Benjamin to come outside, but he was more interested in looking around...and finishing his apples.
 It was a bit cold outside, so we headed back inside to go back to the classroom.
 "Come on Mimi...Come on Papa..."
 Back in the classroom, he wanted to be a big boy and sit at his desk.  Josslynn made sure he was sitting next to her.

 Does it get any cuter than this?

 Papa had dressed he and Benjamin their rugby shirts...
 Jane, my principal, came in to see my little man.  She had him laughing and talking. Jane has a nearly 2 year old grandson!
 After about an hour and a half of being at school, Benjamin decided it was time to go home. 
 He told the class good-bye...and took off down the hall with Papa...but not before turning around to wave good-bye to his Mimi...
What a fun day for my little man...and his Mimi and Papa...and a class of 4th graders!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Benjamin had a great day at school! Great blog Jutes!


jujabbo said...

Benjamin loved going to school! He always talks about school, so this was the perfect thing for him!