Saturday, November 24, 2012

A date with Emerson

November 13th, I was driving back from Lindsey's...met Gabe to pick up Emerson's car seat...and then went to his day care to pick him up for a date!

Earlier in the day, Kay (his day care provider) told Emerson, "Your Mimi is coming to pick you up for lunch!"

"My daddy's Mimi?" he asked.

"Yes," answered Kay.

"You mean Judy?"

When I pulled up to the house, there he was...standing at the window...waving and waving and waving with a huge smile on his face.  When I walked in, he was ready with a big, tight, long-lasting hug...which just about melted this Mimi's heart!

We visited a few minutes...then went outside to get in his carseat.  I asked him if he would like to go to In n Out burger.

"I don't like burgers," was his answer.

"OK...well, what would you like for lunch?"

"Cheese pizza!"

Off to a pizza place we went!

 We sat and visited while our food was cooking...  Emerson was coloring a turkey. 
 I asked him what else he liked to eat.

"My dad cooks chicken nuggets and fish sticks.  My mama cooks cheese pizza.  That's what I like!" he told me. 

 I was telling him how I had seen his dad to pick up his car seat...

"What did he say?" Emerson asked.

"Oh, he talked about one of his projects he's working on," I told him,
"What else did he say?" asked Emerson.
"Well, he told me about your preschool."
"What else did he say?"
I told him a little more.
"What else did he say?"

This kept on...even when I told him, "Well, that's all he really said," he asked again,'
"What else did he say?"

It was hilarious!
His first two pieces of pizza, he told me he didn't like crust.

I told him I loved the crust.

On his third piece, he said he was going to eat the crust. 

 He asked me to cut it up for him...
I did...

He asked me to take another picture of him...
I did... 
 "Mimi, we are on a date!" he said.

"Emerson, you're absolutely right!  I just love going on a date with you for lunch!"

What fun it was!  I was driving home thinking about how Emerson has so many ways.  We sat together in a restaurant...sat there and visited...and colored....and visited...and had lunch together.

I love this little, so much!


Anonymous said...

These are great pics of Emerson. We are excited to see him at Christmas.


jujabbo said...

I'm glad he enjoyed his date! I know his Mimi did.