Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A 'rest day' in Bangkok....July 29th

 Today we rested!

We sat around and visited until....I don't know what time.  Then we headed over to see Joshua at work!  Passing through some of the grounds, I took a few pictures.

 Thai's don't wear their shoes in their homes...and many take them off BEFORE even entering...leaving them outside the door.  Here, it is just a sign of respect to not wear them on the bridge leading into this shrine.

 The embassy isn't very assuming from the outside...but it's one of the larger embassies!
 We got to go on a tour of it...at least to the parts we were allowed to see.  Once I was inside the grounds, a guard came up and had Erica hold my camera.... not only could I not TAKE pictures, I wasn't even suppose to have my camera with me.

Joshua is so busy right now... a lot is going on and a lot is getting ready to happen...so in the early afternoon when we were there, he hadn't eaten at all.  We talked him into walking across the road with us and getting something to eat...and a 'Buckey's' as he used to call them.

We just visited for this day... not a lot of excitement, but still, another great day in Bangkok!

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